Another Bizarre "Award."

Imagine my surprise when I got a message on facebook that one of my cakes had been chosen for a contest for the World's Finest Cake. Well, actually, I wasn't that surprised because I don't take this kind of thing seriously.

When I went to see which one of my cakes they had chosen as one of the World's Finest, I died laughing, because it's my dummy cake that I use for product photo shoots. With a piece of printed wafer paper wrapped around it. I didn't even attach it with piping gel, I think I used straight pins to stick it onto the styrofoam dummy. SUPER FINE.

This is not one of the world's finest cakes, although I do think it's a good all-purpose display cake.

I know that many of you probably got the same message, or will soon enough. They run out of cakes to choose from after a while, and they want as many people as possible to go to their website to see the Finest Cake selection, oh, and also to see their ads. Which I thought MIGHT be the reason that they're running so many contests at once, but that's just me being cynical, right?

But I digress...Here's the message I received, with the website info redacted because it isn't important:

CONGRATS! We would like to happily inform you that we are truly amazed with one of your finest cakes, that's why we featured and included it in a competition hosted in our site. Gladly, your cake may WIN the title "World's Finest Cake". If you are too excited to grab the crown for your cake, please go to our post or FB Page  and click on our post entitled "Competition: World’s Finest Cake" to see and vote for your cake.

Much better if you share that post to your FB Friends so that they can vote for your cake as well.

The entire point of this is to go to their facebook page, give them traffic, increase their engagement and increase their ad money on their website. Pretty smart, actually, since it costs them nothing to do.

What I want you to take away from this is that you shouldn't be impressed with people "winning" awards from websites. Everyone knows very well that the people who win these things are the ones who get the most friends to vote for their cake, it has nothing to do with artistic skill. If you're willing to beg for votes, you'll probably win. 

Just do your thing, don't worry about what "awards" other people get, and keep on keeping on. While they're busy begging for votes, you can be improving your decorating skills, or improving your marketing to sell more cakes, or whatever. If your goal is awards that mean nothing, go for it. If your goal is to grow your business and make more profits, concentrate on that instead.

Kara Buntin owns A Cake To Remember LLC in Richmond VA, and cake supplies online at and

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