Facebook Marketing Part 5 - Attracting Local Fans

After parts 1-4 of this series you might have fewer facebook likes if you're brave, but even if you don't, you should still be trying to concentrate on attracting local fans.

There are two ways to get fans on facebook...Those would be by running ads, which I've gone over already, or organically, where people like your page on their own.

The first way to get an organic like is to make sure that you're linking to your facebook page on all of your other social media, and on your website. It never ceases to amaze me that there are so many people who don't have their businesses listed on their personal facebook page. Go put it into your "work information" section right now if you don't have it. Then, when people look you up, they can see your page and like it.

Another way to get an organic like is to get your current fans to encourage their friends to like your page. The easiest way to do this and to make sure that the people are liking your page is to run a contest with a prize that has to be picked up locally. That way, people who don't live near you, who wouldn't be your customer anyway, won't bother entering.

You should check on the current rules for facebook giveaways, since they change them occasionally. At the time I'm writing this, you can post a giveaway on your business page, but you're not allowed to use entrants' personal timelines as a giveaway tool. For example, you can't tell people to post about the giveaway to enter, or to share it with friends to enter. However, if you use a third-party app like rafflecopter to do the giveaway, you can make the option of sharing it available, but not mandatory. You should check into current rules before running any giveaways, since they do change.

The goal of this is to get people who are local to you to like your page so that you can connect with more potential customers. If you run one giveaway and don't get a decent increase, an ad might be a better option with more direct results. I would run an ad first, then run a promo to capture the attention of all of the people who liked your page from the ad.

Really, facebook ads are a good way to go. Do one to target increasing your page likes for people who live within a 10-mile radius, or 20 miles, or whatever your delivery area is. Budget $5 a day for 3 or 4 days, and you'll be surprised to see how many new local fans you get.

If people like your business page post, click to see the list of people who liked it. It will open up a menu that shows the people who already like your page, and those who don't. You can click "invite" on the people who haven't liked your page if they're local (yeah, stalk their facebook profile to see where they live). This will send them an invitation to like your page.

Go to the business pages of people you want to work with and like their pages if you haven't already. MAKE SURE TO LIKE THE PAGE AS YOUR BUSINESS, not as yourself! To do this, go to their business page, click on "more" under the photo at the top, and the menu will drop down. Click on "like as your page." This will give the page a like from your page, which isn't included in your fan count (it didn't used to be, at least.) You can go to your own business page and click on "see pages feed" at the right to see the pages that you've liked as your business, but they won't show up in your personal feed.

If you do wedding cakes and you see a venue post that says "congratulations to Suzie Q, who just booked her wedding for next Spring with us," LIKE THAT POST AS YOUR BUSINESS!! You can bet that Suzie Q will see that you liked it, and it will put your business name in her head. When you like the post, make sure to click on the little triangle at the right side of the post before liking it to make sure that it's set to like it as your business name.

You can also share and comment on posts that other businesses put up to put you on their radar. If there's a wedding planner you like, or a florist that you work with a lot, be generous with liking and sharing their content. It will help you fill your own feed with content, too.

So make sure to put your facebook links everywhere you can, run a few ads, run a giveaway to engage new fans, follow other local businesses and interact with their posts, and, oh yeah, start a mailing list. Click here for that: Mailing list info. Your facebook page is a good way to attract new eyes to your business, but you need to remember to always keep LOCAL in mind if that's where your customers are.

Kara Buntin owns A Cake To Remember LLC in Richmond VA, and cake supplies online at www.acaketoremember.com and www.acaketoremember.etsy.com

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