Thanksgiving Cake Ideas

Here are some ideas for your Thanksgiving cakes...and next week, I'll have a tutorial for a fondant cornucopia cake for you to try.  :)

First up, here's a basic cornucopia topper from My Cake School

Next, a bunch of cakes via Craftsy, including one made from Thanskgiving leftovers, if you can believe that.

And a chocolate cornucopia if you want to try this out as a centerpiece.

From Make, Bake, Celebrate, turkey fondant toppers.

And I had to include this weird turkey cake from Betty Crocker, just because I can image how much fun it would be to let some little kids try to make this and see what they come up with. But bake the cake from scratch, it will taste better (I had to say that, I couldn't stand it.)

Next week: How to make a woven cornucopia cake with fondant.

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