How To Make Wafer Paper Roses

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To see the video of how to make this flower from beginning to end, click here: How To Make Wafer Paper Roses

Here's the finished flower...The center is made from a strip of cut paper to look ruffly.

Start with a 1" styrofoam ball (the rough kind, not the smooth polystyrene.)

Press it flat against the counter on one side.

Wire it so that the wire sticks out the rounded side, and the flat side is up. (The wire isn't shown in this photo.)

Cut off a piece of the colored wafer paper and wrap the flattened styrofoam ball in it. This will give the wafer paper petals something to stick to. Let that piece dry for a while.

Cut a strip off of one side of the paper. Make it about 3/4" wide.

Fold it and cut the folded ends halfway through to make a fringe.

Cut little marks in the paper all the way along one side.

Cut the edges of the fringed side in a wavy way so that the fringes will be uneven.

Open the strip up.

Lightly moisten the flat edge.

Coil up the strip and press it onto the center of the styrofoam ball.

Wind the strip around itself and make a coil of the fringe. Brush a little more water onto the ball if needed, but don't make it too wet.

Cut the top of the fringe unevenly if it looks too regular.

Add another fringed strip to cover the whole flat top of the ball.

Cut some 2" circles from colored wafer paper using a 1 1/2" round paper cutter. If you're making a rose with more uneven petals, or you don't have a paper cutter, you can cut them out freehand. Cut out 7-12 petals depending on how full you want the flower to be.

Attach the petals to the ball with the colored sides facing out. You'll be steaming the flower and curving the petals in toward the center, so that will make the colored side show.

Attach the petals overlapping so that they cover the edge of the ball. 

As you attach more petals, move them a little lower so that the top edge of each row of petals isn't completely level with each other. The outer edges should be lower than the inner ones.

Cut out some larger 2" circles with a round paper punch. You can leave some of them flat on one side if you're running low on paper.

Attach these with the colored side facing in, since they'll curl away from the center of the flower.

Attach 10-12 circles in a spiral. Let the flower dry.

Heat up a pot of water on the stovetop and hold the flower over the water long enough to make the petals soften up a little.

Gently bend the inner petals in toward the flower center.

Hod the flower over the steam again and bend the outer petals away from the center. Keep steaming and bending the flower until it looks the way that you want it to.

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