Friday, February 3, 2017

Sole Provider Clauses and What I Think About Them

The issue of whether to have a sole provider clause comes up a lot when people talk about cake contracts. The bigger issue behind this is why you think you need one, and whether you'd be willing to enforce one!

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Colleen Charles said...

Awhile ago I was having people call and ask for cake for 25....when I questioned them about it...well we were going to go to Costco and buy 200 cupcakes.....No deal I said. I always point out to them it's for food safety sake, their's and mine. If Costco's cupcakes got recalled or had allergens in them, I don't want to get blamed.
I did have a couple say Grandma wanted to make certain cookies (Polish). I said ok...but they had to be on a separate table. I also always leave a pretty place card or 5x7 card in a holder labeling what each layer of cake and filling is and then my name on it. So for Grandma, I simply made a separate one for her and she was so thrilled!