Adding Royal Icing Flowers To Your Molded Sugar Cake Topper

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Last month I made a little molded sugar cake topper, and then added some royal icing flowers to it. The blog post about the topper is here: Molded Sugar Topper, and the video of the flowers is here: Royal icing flowers

To put these together, add some royal icing to the center of the cavity in the topper. You can also use a small styrofoam ball in the topper if all of your flowers are wired, but in this case some aren't. I used a mound of icing to attach the larger flowers, then added the smaller ones in.

You could also put a ball on the top of the topper, then pipe rosettes or attach other flowers to it to make a rounded topper.

Fill in the spaces between the larger flowers with the wired royal icing filler.

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