Time Management And How I Structure My Day

I had another Etsy seller ask me if I gave myself deadlines while we were discussing procrastination one day. I said no, but when she followed up with a "what's your typical day" question, I realized that I kind of do have a structure to my workday.

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When I was doing cakes, I chunked tasks together to keep things in check. I tend to do the same thing now, with one time period each day to do certain things. I start around 7am because why not...after checking orders, email and social media, I fill new orders, package previous days' orders that are now ready to go out, and taking the daily trip to the post office. If I have errands to run I do them while I'm out. I try to get all of that done by noon, but sometimes it's faster or slower, it just depends on the day and whether it's "busy season" or not.

After I choke down a peanut butter sandwich for lunch, I make gumpaste for a couple of hours, or more if necessary. Again, it depends on the season. I try to wrap that up by 3pm or so, and then I get online for whatever I happen to be doing that day. During all of this I do some housework since I'm home and the laundry isn't going to do itself...

On days that I don't have much to do (that does happen sometimes) I've decided that I need to do something more productive than just check facebook repeatedly. One of my goals for 2017 was to get more organized system-wise, since I'm still pretty new to a schedule that doesn't involve baking. Want to know a secret? I'm writing this on November 30, 2016, and scheduling it ahead of time. Scheduling things ahead when you have extra time will be very helpful during the months that you're slammed with wedding orders, which I'm suspecting is this time of year. One thing that you can schedule ahead is social media posts, then you can stay off of facebook and pinterest entirely.

I usually get online in the late afternoon and update listings, do bookkeeping, pay bills, order supplies, etc.

What does your daily routine look like? Leave a comment to give other people ideas about how they might manage their time better!

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