Videos: When To Start A Cake Business, and Legalities for Cake Businesses.

Here are a couple of videos that were a few months ago, but which didn't get the blog treatment until now.

These are me and Debby, formerly of SugarBuzz cakes, discussing some VERY basic things about what you'll need for a cake business, and whether you should even start one or not.

I have to assume that this isn't the answer that people want to hear when they ask "Should I start a cake business?" because it gets a pretty decent number of dislikes. I find that means that it's truthful and people don't want to hear reality :)

This one goes into some more detail about the legalities that you'll need to have in place if you do decide to go ahead and start a cake business. The most important thing to remember is to check the laws in your specific area, and to get it in writing...

And get my pricing guide here, it might save you the time you'd take to start a business if you go through this first and realize that you can't make a decent profit in your area... Cake Pricing Guide.

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