Wedding Season and Booked Cakes

There's a rhythm to wedding season...It can differ from place to place, but if you keep track you'll find that there are slow seasons and busy seasons, and that those tend to repeat themselves every year.

I found a list that I'd made of the number of wedding cakes I made for 2005-2007 (I must have been comparing) and there's a definite bell curve for each year. Here's the chart:

With slight variations, it's clear from looking at this that there is a big increase in the number of wedding cakes being bought starting around April and going through September, when it starts to drop off.

This was pretty much the same pattern every year, but it could be a different pattern in your area. What you could do to find out is go back through your booked business for the past three years and see how many cakes you booked each month, then compare trends.

The reason that I did this when I did it was to limit myself to a certain number of orders for 2008. To know what a reasonable cutoff number was required that I also had an idea about what was realistic based on past booking trends.

Knowing which were low-booking months and actually seeing the numbers will also help you calm down when you see that you only have six cakes booked for those slow months. Knowing that you'll have 20 booked in June based on past trends will calm your nerves. Or maybe freak you out thinking of all the work you'll be doing, but that's a different story.

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