How To Figure Out How Many Cakes To Do Next Year.

How busy do you want to be next year? This is the time to plan for it (unless you're in Australia, where the wedding seasons are opposite the ones here, but that's a different story.)

I wrote about the business patterns in cake decorating recently, and I think that it's important for everyone who has a cake business to try to plan out how much business they want to book each year. This accomplishes two things.

First, it gives you an idea about what your schedule is going to look like, and it sets some income goals to shoot for. Second, it gives you limits on how much you can do each week without getting burned out.

One way to do it is to figure out how many SERVINGS (not cakes) you can do each week. Once you hit that number, you're booked for the week and you don't take any more business. Simple as that.

Another way to do it is to decide how many wedding cakes per week or per month you want to do. If your limit is 4 a week, then don't book more than that.

I preferred to look at it by the month, because that gave me the flexibility to schedule more or fewer cakes per week based on the work involved.

Once you decide the method, you can chart out a schedule for yourself that you can use to track the business that you've booked and determine when you're booked up for each week or month.

Keep in mind that you can't just set your target and sit back to wait for customers to come your way. You need to get out and promote your business by various means, because the number of people who start off by searching for "wedding cakes" and finding your website is going to be a lot larger than the number who finally hire you.

Also remember that if everyone who contacts you also hires you, it might not mean that you're doing everything right. You might not be charging enough if you have a 100% booking rate, but that's what I'll be discussing in my next post.

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