How To Use The Beer Bottle Mold

If you're making any cooler cakes this year, you would do yourself a favor to get a silicone bottle mold. I added a different type of silicone into my product line recently to make molds of larger items, and I thought about adding bottle molds to my website.

THOSE SUCKERS ARE EXPENSIVE!!!! I knew it, but looking into the pricing was a little horrifying. They do take a lot of silicone to make, and the room for error in making them needs to be higher because it's pretty easy to mess them up, so the pricing is understandable. But if you're only making one cake and you don't want to invest $100 in a 3D mold, that's understandable too!

So I decided to add half-bottle molds, which seem to be what more people need anyway. If you're making a cooler cake, you don't need a full bottle mold, you just need the top half that sticks out of the cooler. So here's a video of the mold I can up with and how you would use it. You could use isomalt, regular sugar, or chocolate in the mold. (If you're doing other crafts it will also work for resin, soap and wax.

Click here for the mold:

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