How to Make Edible Eyes, Or, Isomalt Eyeballs for Everyone!

How many times have you done a 3D animal cake and needed realistic eyes for it? Okay, maybe not too often, but wouldn't it be good to have a way to make some realistic ones? Or just have some eyes to put on cupcakes to freak out the kids...

Well, here's how to make them using isomalt, wafer paper, and a mold to make the round part. You can use the mold with clear resin, too, and just use paper eyes glued on to make the colored part.

I have these eyes listed in my paper shop on Etsy to make 1" pinback buttons, but I reduced the size to fit the eye molds. I printed them on wafer paper and cut them out. They're about 3/4" across, so they would fit a mold that was a little larger or smaller than that.

 Making them is really easy--

Fill the mold cavities about 3/4 full.

Use a spatula to push any bubbles out to the side so that the surface is smooth.

Take the wafer paper and place it face down on top of the isomalt.

Press gently to make sure that the image is flat on the surface of the isomalt.

Fill the mold the rest of the way up with isomalt to encapsulate the wafer paper.

Let the eyes set up until the isomalt is totally cooled. When you remove the eyes it will look like this:

This particular mold has two cavity sizes so the eyes can be a little larger or smaller.

You can use this method with any rounded mold that will take the heat of the isomalt. You can also do this, as I mentioned before, with resin and regular paper to make plastic eyes for craft projects, you just need to size the eyes to the mold.

For a kit that's enough to make 30 eyes of different styles and colors, click here: Edible eye set
And if you don't want to make them yourself, you can click here to get premade ones.

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