How to Make Fondant Dandelions

You have to love the requests that little kids make for their birthday cakes...I recently had a request from a customer whose young child asked for "a strawberry cake with strawberry icing and icing strawberries and an icing dandelion sitting on the top of it."

I already had the "icing strawberries" in my shop, so she asked if I could make the icing dandelions to go with it. Since the strawberries were brightly colored and on the whimsical side, as opposed to being super realistic, I decided to use yellow fondant for the dandelions and green fondant for the leaves. I didn't need gumpaste since color, not realism, was the order of the day.

Start by pressing some yellow fondant into a flower center mold, leaving an overhang like the brim of a hat.

Thin out the overhang with your finger, it should be a little longer than the height of the center section.

Using a pair of small scissors, rough up the edges of the center.

Cut lines into the overhang all the way around. If some chunks fall out that's okay.

Press the cut edges up around the center.

And there you have your little dandelions. If you want to really thin out the edges you should use gumpaste, not fondant, since the fondant wont' want to cooperate.

For the laaves, look at some photos of dandelion leaves online, but there are a few different shapes. Roll out some green fondant and cut wavy area in the edges in a leaf shape.

Thin out the edges of the leaves by pinching them, then shape the pointy areas.

Dry them on a piece of foam or in a flower former.

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