How To Make Marbled Fondant Seashells

Whenever I make marbled fondant I tend to overuse the darker color. The key to marbling is to really use a minimal amount of the contrasting color, or you'll end up having a big blob of uncontrasty fondant.

I did these shells and started with what I thought was a small amount of black fondant, compared to the white. I made sure not to mix them too much, but I think that I could have gotten away with even less black.

Making marbled shells is a fast way to get some contrast without having to paint the shells, but they won't be realistic.

Starting with just a little black compared to the amount of white:

I made a rope of the white and then wrapped a thinner rope of the black around it.

Folding it and rolling it out into a longer rope:

Now I take a piece of it and press it into the mold without kneading it more:

For this one, I took a piece and flattened it before putting it in the flatter mold:

These shells were pretty marbled, but I think that they were also a little too dark for my taste. So the next time I make them I'll start with even less of the darker color. A little goes a long way in this case!

Click here for the seashell molds

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