How To Make Two-Sided Wafer Paper Edible Butterflies

When you use wafer paper butterflies you're generally putting them on a cake in such a way that it's not totally obvious that they're only printed on one side. Sometimes you want them to be two-sided, though, so how do you go about doing that?

You basically have to have two butterflies that will fit together pretty closely as mirror images, which means that they've been cut out using either paper punches or die cuts. that way there's not a lot of trimming that has to be done after they're attached.

Using water can melt them, so I use the gelatin recipe I came up with that makes wafer paper more flexible.

Paint one butterfly's plain back side with the glue, then attach the mirror image one. It's pretty easy...The hardest part is keeping your hands clean and dry while you do it!

Click here for the butterflies that I used in the video: Edible butterflies

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