How To Reduce Custom Cake Stress With Weekly Special Offers.

Three Forks Cakes

At the beginning of every year everyone takes stock and makes plans and gets overwhelmed trying to do everything at once. By this time of year people tend to be back to their old habits.

If you're like me, you probably have way too many plans to fit into the time that you have. My method of goal setting, which I've developed over the years, is to write down everything that I want to do, then to go back and delete about half of it to make it realistic.

When you whittle those things down, you start to see patterns. One of the patterns that I saw this year was that I wanted to do less custom gumpaste work. The time that it takes to do them, and the deadlines involved in doing custom work, are more aggravation than I want to deal with this year. I'm moving to a more ready-to-ship business model, so eliminating the deadlines is good.

If you have a custom cake business you know what I'm talking about. That's a constant-deadline business model, and it can be stressful.

Some of my friends who have home-based cake businesses have eliminated some of that stress by offering a "cake of the week" that they promote on facebook. They choose the flavor, they choose the date the cakes will be ready, then they offer them at the beginning of the week.Dessert-style cakes take less time to assemble and usually don't need to be decorated, but customers still like them because they're freshly baked.

For a look at how one person I know does this, check out Three Forks Cakes on Facebook.

Advertise locally on facebook, collect the payments Monday through Wednesday, bake and ice at the end of the week, and have everything ready for pickup on Friday. And guess what, you'll have more of the weekend free!

It works out for both buyer and seller...The customer gets a freshly-baked cake, and you don't have to do individual orders with different decorations for each person. You could also continue to take custom orders, but if offering a cake or cupcakes of the week make enough to take the place of one or two large tiered cakes, it's worth doing.

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