Digital Cupake Wrappers. (Yes, I said "cupcake")

I sent out a newsletter a while ago that explained a bit of an about face that I've done recently. Not a total change, but anyone who knows that I dislike cupcakes (I have a weird thing about crumbs on my food and eating with my hands) will probably find it amusing.

I love designing cupcake wrappers.

It's true...I don't like cupcakes but I like decorating them.

Anyway, I discovered that I really like making cupcake wrappers, probably because I get to use some weird photoshop tools that I don't get to use very often for regular downloadable patterns.

I decided to make a lot of wrapper patterns and give one out in every newsletter that I send this year, so if you haven't subscribed yet here's the link: VIP Club signup

You can use the wrappers to print as many times as you want for your own personal use, and if you sell actual cupcakes you can print them to use with those. I still have the copyright on the designs, though, so you can't sell the free ones individually or in a digital form.

If you buy the full file from my downloads shop you can sell them individually if you want to do that...You buy a limited commercial license to use them when you buy the file. You can see more of them here: Downloadable cupcake wrappers

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