How To Make Wafer Paper Card With Regular Wafer Paper

I've seen people mentioning wafer card , which is a thicker version of wafer paper. I can't find where they get it (if you know, feel free to leave a comment), so I decided to see if it could be made using regular wafer paper. 

I used the regular wafer paper that I have on hand, which is the slightly thicker grade, and the gelatin/glycerine mix that I wrote about for making wafer paper more flexible.

To make that "glue" a little sticker, add a little more glycerine (not much, just a bit will do.) Brush the mix onto the wafer paper then let it dry for a bit. Attach the next layer to it using a little bit more of the liquid if necessary, but you have to let them dry in between coats so that the paper doesn't warp from too much moisture. I stacked four layers, which made a pretty sturdy piece.

When the paper dried, I was able to cut out a rose and insert a toothpick into the layers of the wafer paper to make a pick that could be inserted into a cake or cupcake for a topper. The layers of wafer paper glued together make a nice, sturdy foundation and would hold up well without warping or curling.

 And here's a video showing the process:

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