How To Make Gumpaste Pennants For Party Cakes

I had a decorator send me a photo of a cake that had a little garland on it, and she wanted to know what it was made of.

It's simple to make these, you just need a little gumpaste and some printed wafer paper.

Start with a piece of gumpaste that's rolled out to about 1/16", and cut it into a rectangle that's about the height of the little triangles you want on the cake.

Cut a piece of printed wafer paper  into the same shape and put some piping gel, corn syrup, or water onto the gumpaste.

Press the wafer paper onto the gumpaste and make sure that the edges are adhered well.

Using sharp scissors, cut the bunting shapes out of the gumpaste strip. You can go back and forth and cut triangles to use the whole strip.

Let the pieces dry, or attach them to the cake right away if you have it ready. If they're left to dry you can do this ahead, but put a cookie sheet on top of them to prevent them from curling when they dry. These curled up a little, as you can see in the last photo. 

Attach the pieces to the cake, with the corners of the triangles touching each other to make it look like they're strung together.  You can use royal icing or melted white chocolate to attach them to the cake.

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