How to Use Luster Dust on Gumpaste Jewels To Get The Best Shine

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When you color gumpaste or fondant with luster dust to get a good shine on edible jewels, you can end up with streaks or a mediocre shine. To get a good shine on a non-reflective surface, you need to use a series of color applications.

Start with a wet coat of luster "paint" with a dry dusting of the luster dust on top of it. When the dry coat goes over the dried painted coat, it will fill in any streaks and deepen the shine and color.

Here are two pink fondant jewels that have been colored with luster dust, The one on the left has a coat of dry luster only, and the one on the left has been painted first, then brushed with an additional layer of dry dust.

It's clear that the dry-brushed one isn't nearly as shiny as the one with two layers.  The more layers, the richer the color. It just looks better, and if you're making a wedding cake with jewels, you know that the brides want as shiny as possible!

Here's a video showing the process and how the multiple layers change the color:

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