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Pre-cooked isomalt and sugar jewels:

DIY cake kits! If you're a bride I don't recommend that you do the baking, but if a family member is willing to give you such a nice gift then they can get the decorations here:

Molds for fondant or gumpaste buttons and medallions:

Flower tutorials for Peonies, Hydrangea, and other spring flowers:

Fondant or gumpaste shells for wedding cakes.
These are white but can be made to match any color scheme. Completely edible, they're great for beach-themed cakes for summer weddings.
Gumpaste flowers for wedding cakes. Hydrangeas, peonieslilacs and leaves that can be combined to create beautiful arrangements for wedding or special-occasion cakes. You can either purchase flowers as listed or have me make custom combinations for specific cake designs.
Fondant Pearls to use for borders or to put on the surface of the cake. These are hand-rolled and are soft when they're bitten, so that people can eat them without breaking their teeth! They come with a pearl sheen but can be made matte and undusted, or in different colors to match specific color schemes.