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How to Get Better Product Photography Lighting For Total Amateurs!

Taking good product photos is one of the top problems that handmade sellers seem to have. 

I use Photoshop to edit my photos, but the best way to take good pictures is to do it right the first time so that the editing that the photos need is minimal.

I had a wedding photographer tell me once that if you're a total photography novice, the easiest thing to do is just use natural light on an overcast day so that you avoid harsh shadows and glare.

Another photographer told me that natural light is great, but you should take the photos under a covered area so that you diffuse any direct light entirely.

I find that works well, and with a seamless background, it will give you pretty good results that will need little to no editing afterward.

Now here's the trick...the human eye will see colors and then adjust them in your brain. So if we see something that's white, our brains say "that's white" and that's the end of it.

But a cameraonly records what's actually the…

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