50th Anniversary Cake With Tulips

I did a 50th anniversary cake last week that was a good example of how designs can be adapted.

I often get people who ask me if I can do this or that design but in a larger cake, or whether a round cake design can go on a square cake, etc. etc. Of course you can...This one was a good example.

The original design for the patterns on this cake came from a book that I have of antique sheet metal designs. The original cake was four tiers, and I've recreated versions of it many times because it's simple but also eye-catching.

The anniversary cake was only two tiers, so instead of limiting the design to the sides of the tiers, I extended it over the edges as well. The top tier had gumpaste tulips with gold leaf on the stamens and gold luster dust brushed inside the flowers. (It was their golden anniversary, after all.)

The smaller version was pretty, and shows that different designs can be easily adapted to fit different cakes.

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