Making Unwired Gumpaste Tulips

Here's a quick method to glue unwired tulip petals together using melted chocolate. The centers on these are wired, but it saves time when you don't have to do wires in each individual petal.

Remember that the petals on these flowers can't be adjusted once the chocolate dries, so make sure that they're in the position that you want them to be in while they're still wet!

First, make the center stamens on a wire. (You can do these without the wires, to tell the truth, so I'll do another tutorial on that method later.) You'll need to have three larger tulip petals and three smaller ones that have been shaped and dried.

Next, take the center and put it through a piece of waxed paper that's about 3" square.

Take some melted chocolate and pipe it around the base of the center. You can use the same color as the tulip petals, or make it green as a contract. Since the stem is green any color that peeks through when the flower is done won't seem out of place.

Using the three larger petals, place them around the center with the ends stuck into the chocolate.

Pipe some more chocolate dots on the three parts where the petals meet, right up against the center wire.

Take the smaller petals and place them on the chocolate dots, overlapping the areas where the three larger petals connect.

Take the tulip and carefully put it in an egg carton or another curved former that will hold the petals upright while the chocolate cools off. The shape that it dries in will be that shape when it's done so make sure you arrange the petals more open or more closed depending on what you want them to look like.

The final flower looks like this. Very nice, and it avoids the time involved with wiring all the individual petals.

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