You Won! A Meaningless Award!

I'm the first to say that I like getting a real award every now and then. When it's a real award, though.

I've entered contests for different things, sometimes I win and sometimes I don't. I'm not tremendously competitive that way, and I don't have time to enter a lot of contests because I'm busy making cakes that people have paid for.

Last year I won Best Of Virginia for wedding cakes from The Knot, which was flattering. Sort of.

I had no idea that I was even in the running for it, so I like that the award wasn't something that I had to enter a contest to receive, like the "Best of (fill your city in here) Awards" usually are. I can't take those seriously, since the winners are usually the people who get tons of people who have never been customers vote for them online. Those aren't really meaningful awards.

I also like that the Knot award was voted on by brides, not other wedding professionals. And that I don't advertise with The Knot, so it isn't a kickback kind of thing, which is all over the place.

The one thing that I question about the Knot is that I couldn't get a clear answer from anyone about who voted, or how many people voted. But at least they still sent me a swell plaque!

I just saw a blog that is announcing the "best of the best" kind of list, telling the readers that THESE BUSINESSES are the BEST EVER! Well, I know that I got an email from that blog about three weeks ago saying that if I advertised with them, I'd be on that list too. So there goes the truth to that best-of-the-best designation.

Then there are the wedding websites that hand out their seal of approval every year for businesses that have received one or two reviews on their site in the past year. Every year you'll start to see wedding businesses announcing that they received these kinds of "awards" even though they're totally meaningless in terms of the quality of their work.

And yes, I got a couple of those awards this year. And no, I didn't bother to put the "seal of approval" on my website.

Personally, as far as awards go, I'm not too worried about them. As long as I make my clients happy, and have lots of referrals from them, I know that I'm doing a good job. That's the most genuine award you can get.

P.S. If anyone would like to copy the unibrow seal of approval and put it on your website feel free. It's a really cool award that will impress your clients, I promise.

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