My garden consists of random plants that decide to come up or not every year, and this year the lily of the valley came up really well.

They're so fragrant, I wish this blog was in smell-o-vision, but I'll have to settle for the photos.

I have a few cakes coming up that have Spring flowers on them, so today are the pictures of the real things, and tomorrow will be my attempt to capture them in gumpaste.

First, they're teeny tiny. I left my thumb in the photos for a size reference.

The stems either have full-bloomed flowers on them, or a combination of open ones and buds.

The open flowers are bell-shaped and have little turned up rounded petal edges.

The buds on the ends are either tiny dots, or have petals that are folded over themselves, depending on what stage of opening they're in.

The stamens are a little yellow teepee arrangement of stamens with a white dot on the tip. There are reddish-purple dots around the base of it. They're so small I can't see how you'd be able to make them in any type of time-effective way. When I've seen these made the centers are usually just left empty.

These are so pretty...I'm going to go make some, so we'll see how long they take.

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