How To Put Out An Oven Fire

Ah, kitchen fires...They're always so much fun.

I make pizza for dinner most Fridays, since it's fast and I can kind of throw them in to the oven if I'm still busy decorating. Today I realized that I was out of olive oil, so I had to use canola to oil the pans.

I don't know that was the reason for "the incident," but it was the only thing that I did differently, so it might have been. I walked into the kitchen about ten minutes after putting the dough in the oven, and was greeted by the sight of lovely orange and red flames inside the oven.

Interestingly, I'd never seen that happen before. The burner caught on fire once, but that was because something had actually fallen into the burner itself. That required the use of a fire extinguisher and was very exciting.

This was kind of anticlimactic. When I saw the flames I turned the oven off and resisted the urge to open the door. Then I decided that it was a learning experience for my kids, so I yelled at them to come in and see something. By the time they got into the kitchen the fire was totally out. It doesn't take long to eat up all the oxygen in a closed oven, which is what I wanted to teach them.

So if you ever see flames in your oven turn off the heat, leave the door closed, and get the fire extinguisher handy just in case. Chances are the fire will extinguish itself though.

Don't try to keep using the oven until it cools down and you can clean it out, obviously. I think that I have a little puddle of oil to mop up in a couple of hours.

Then open the windows and order out.  Fast food pizza isn't as good as homemade, but you do what you have to do.

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