ICES Part 5- Animals

No, not the animals attending the convention, har de har har. There were some animals on display in the cake room that were worth seeing, so here they are.

One of our favorites was this one by Dalila Cabrita of Venezuela. The parrot's feathers were all made one by one, and the painting on the face was really cool. There was also a little bonus frog on it at the base.

Next was a carved tree that had some nests in it. This one was by Susan Tickel of Ohio.

And last for today, a sneak peek at the Noah's Ark cake that I'm putting up tomorrow. I think that this was actually gingerbread, because it had a tag from the 2010 National Gingerbread Contest near it. I don't know if it won anything there, but the animals and the details on it were really cute.

Tomorrow: More Noah's Ark.

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