The Robot Wedding Cake

I ran a wedding cake contest recently, and the winner got married today. The cake was a design that we came up with together, and I was very pleased to be able to work with such a fun bride!

Carrie told me at first that they wanted to do a traditional wedding cake and a funny groom's cake, because they just thought that they should. She was very open to the idea of combining the two, though, and that's how we came up with the final cake.

Now I have to admit that I'm not quite sure where the idea of the robot came from, but I think that it was from the Twitter fail robot that shows up occasionally. I had seen the robot when I got the "technical difficuties" message that day, and it was on my mind. Whatever the source, when I suggested to Carrie that the cake have a robot sitting on top of it, she went for it right away.

So I had the robot sitting on the main cake, holding their traditional wedding cake. The "X and O" theme was all over the reception, so I put those on the top cake.

The bottom tiers had twitter birds to represent the couple's twitter courtship. The base tier had binary code that spelled out "Matt plus Carrie XOXO." (And no, I don't read binary, I had to look it up.)

We also put a peony on the bottom tiers to give another nod to the traditional cake designs. It also tied the cake in to the rest of the wedding decor, which featured a lot of magenta flowers.

This cake was fun to do, which was exactly the point. The best part was that there was another couple touring the reception site while I was setting the cake up. They came over to look at it, and the bride said "This is making me want to have a fun cake!" Mission accomplished...

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