Silicone Pinecone Molds

Here, look at these cute little pinecones.

What? They're not pinecones, they're MODELLING CHOCOLATE?

Yes, they are. I'm very pleased with myself because I made these little food-safe silicone molds for tiny pinecones. I'm selling them in my etsy shop, at what I think is a very reasonable price, by the way.

It's a two-piece mold using a food-grade silicone. You can use it to make a 3-D pinecone, or just press the clay into one side of it to make a flat one to go on the side of a cake.

It makes a cone about 1" tall, so they're small enough to put on a cake and not look really huge. I also have a larger one that's only one-sided, so it would make a flat pinecone.

I used gumpaste and candy clay in it and they worked fine. I think that if you put fondant into it you'd have to put it in the freezer for 5 minutes or so to harden it up before de-molding it.

I think they're really cute!

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