This Is Why You Have Contracts

I have a clause in my contract that says the cake table has to be ready for me when I get to the reception venue, and that I'm not responsible for damage to the cake from someone else trying to move it around once I set it up.

Usually that isn't an issue, because nobody wants to be responsible for moving a wedding cake. But occasionally I'm glad that I have the clause in the contract.

Today was a good example. I arrived at a hotel that's recently been renovated only to have the caterer tell me that I couldn't set the cake up because they were going to have the ceremony in the same room. She asked if it was something that they could set up, and I told her not really, because I had to do some final touches on it once I put it together.

So she went to find a table that I could use to set it up on, and she'd have someone move it into the room after the ceremony.

This is where I ended up setting it up:

Now remember that this hotel has JUST opened back up for receptions. JUST as in they still have construction zones outside the building, guys wearing hardhats are still working inside, and I got drywall dust all over my pants while I was slinking around inside the lift where this table had been set up. I have no idea who or what is going to be going through that lift area while the cake is sitting there.

Luckily, I know the caterer who was there (I made her daughter's wedding cake years ago) and I know that she knows how to move a wedding cake. But this kind of situation has the potential to end up very badly.

Make sure that your contract covers any kind of situation that could commonly arise. You'll never be able to cover everything, but the cake not being moved is a biggie.

What weird clauses do you have in your contracts?

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