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Glitter and Flowers Cake

I did a comparison of silver edible glitters last week, so that meant I had a little display cake sitting around to mess with. I decided to add some texture on it by seeing if I could attach wafer paper flowers to it. 

That worked fine, here's the video:

So I finished decorating the cake, and I was thinking about how pretty this design would be if it was done in pink, so I put it into photoshop and adjusted it. And it was pretty! It would be cute for a girl's birthday cake, or for a pink-themed wedding.

Of course, I kept messing with it, and I came up with this blue/green combination that I thought was nice. You could use two colors of edible glitter and combine them to make a variegated color on the surface of the cake, then apply the flowers on that. I like this effect, it would be cute for a mermaid birthday cake, and you could put coral and seashells on it instead of the flowers.

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