7 Drip Cake Ideas To Inspire You

Ah, the drip cake...We made them in culinary school years ago, using ganache and chocolate icing, but they've gone colorful now. Plus covered with candy, sprinkles, and any other embellishments that will stick to icing.

Here are some drip cake posts that can help give you some inspiration to make one of your own.

This Chocolate and Peanut Butter drip cake...I went into a sugar coma just looking at it. But it would be the hit of any party, I guarantee.

Here's a gallery of drip cakes to inspire your design.

This video shows how I do the drip effect. I don't use a bag, I go old-school with a spatula. Because any time I can avoid using a piping bag,that's good. And it's how we've done them for years anyway...

This colorful drip cake also uses candy melt shards for a topper and candy for the border.

This recipe for chocolate cake with Earl Grey buttercream and a salted caramel drip would be a delicious holiday dessert cake.

This photo shoot featured a really interesting treatment for a drip cake. Kind of a semi-naked, drippy, berry cake. A nice change from the average candy drip.

You don't have to use edibles or candy on a drip cake, either. Cut your calorie content by decorating with toys for a birthday cake, or ornaments for a holiday cake.

So go make a drip cake for your holiday party, Paint it gold or silver and embellish with candy or some ornaments.  Have fun with it, these cakes aren't supposed to be stuffy!

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