Thinking Before Posting...Social Media and Your Business

I've been going through some older posts, and one from 2010 made me laugh because I remember exactly what it was about. Since 8 years have gone by, and the person in question isn't in the area (or in business) anymore, I'll tell. (Click here for the article)

There was a woman who decided to start a cake business way back when...She was featured in a local magazine because it's pretty easy to be featured in local magazines, so it made her look legitimate. This fooled a lot of people who decided to get involved with her professionally.

One was a photographer I know who ended up losing a bunch of large photos that he had loaned her for her shop d├ęcor. She closed and never gave them back...Oh wait, that was her SECOND business, the one she opened after she stopped doing cakes.

She had stopped doing cakes because she screwed a couple up so badly word started getting around, so she opened a wedding boutique instead. That's where the photos disappeared, and soon after that she reappeared as a graphic designer.

Then she was gone completely and the last thing we heard, she was making cupcakes somewhere, so the cycle continued.

The thing was, when you googled her when she lived here, you got a bunch of really weird stuff. One was a video of her and a friend driving down the street flipping off a school bus while cackling with hysterical laughter, so that was charming.

Maybe if she hadn't been so free with her video posts her businesses would have had a better chance. Maybe not, but it certainly doesn't help if the mother of the bride googles you and comes up with those videos...

So just be careful how you present yourself online. It should go without saying, but I guess it doesn't. And definitely don't post videos of yourself flipping off kids on the school bus, that isn't a good idea.

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