How to Use Wafer Paper to Make Flowers for Cakes

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When you're making wafer paper flowers for sale, you have to take certain things into account.

First, they have to be east for people to use with cakes, so you have to decide whether you want them to be wired or not. Wired is easier to attach to a cake, but you shouldn't stick wires into cakes, so they take a little extra care.

Next, you have to decide whether you want them to be super realistic or not. I love the realistic ones, but they take a long time to make. If you're going to sell them along with your cakes, or to people online, they're going to cost a lot more than simple ones.

I like to make my wafer paper flowers realistic but not super realistic, so that I can sell them at a more reasonable price and still make a good profit.

I'm starting a video series this year to show ways to make good-looking flowers that don't take a ton of time. There's no reason that your flowers shouldn't look pretty, but you also want to be able to sell them on a regular basis and not just once or twice a year to a rare bride with an unlimited budget.

In the first video in the series I go over the basics of wafer paper and talk a little about what kind of things you have to think about when you're making flowers for cakes.

You can get the daisy center mold that I mentioned here: Daisy center mold, and the watercolor wafer paper here: Watercolor paper

Some things to keep in mind when you're buying wafer paper to use for flower making:
  • Wafer paper comes in different weights. The type that I use and sell is premium and is a little on the heavier side.
  • Wafer paper isn't really paper, it's a sheet of potato starch. Think of it like that and you'll have an easier time understanding how it behaves.
  • There's a smooth side and a rough side, and they don't take color the same way. I print mine on the smooth side, and if I put petal dust on it I would put it on the smooth side too.
  • When you steam wafer paper it curls, so you can use that to give the petals some shape.
  • You can also vein wafer paper using gumpaste flower veiners, but you have to be careful not to press it too hard in the veiner or it can tear.
  • Wafer paper will stick to itself if it's damp, and if it gets too wet it will melt. You can use water to make it sticky, or vodka because that evaporates quickly.
I'll be going over some tips about coloring the paper in upcoming videos, and posting some more videos about flower making too.

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