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I've had an Etsy shop since 2011, and I LOVE talking about Etsy and figuring out what they're up to. If you have a shop or are interested in starting one, check out these resources for Etsy sellers.

For all of my Etsy and ecommerce classes, click here: Etsy and ecommerce classes

For the Etsy articles on this blog, click here: Etsy articles

Want to open a new Etsy shop? Use this link to get 40 free listings: 40 free listings for new shops

For my youtube Etsy channel, click here, and be sure to subscribe to get updates on new videos: Etsy on youtube

If you're interested in getting an Etsy shop review, or just to watch other shops being reviewed so you can learn from that, you can Join my Patreon here: Patreon

For DIY help on Etsy or for a home-based business in general, check out my SEO tips and other guides on running a shop and using promoted listings.  Click here: Downloadable DIY Etsy Guides

How to do Etsy SEO and etsy shop tips

If you have a custom cake business, my downloadable guides will probably be helpful. Click here to see those: Cake Business Guides

My youtube channel has over 300 videos that include cake decorating, business, and Etsy tutorials and tips: Youtube 

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